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Hear Her is a dedicated season of content marking 100 years since suffrage and the centenary anniversary of women being able to vote in the UK.

Hear Her is not simply an ad campaign. It's a 50/50 initiative for equality. Half of the world are women, yet culture is always skewed to the male perspective. The facts are clear, the more we involve women, the better the world is. We want female involvement to be equal. Not just onscreen, but behind the scenes, in the boardroom and in the stories that we tell.

Strong, powerful, ballsy, charming. Man! I feel like a whoah-man!

Agency: BBC Creative
CD: Susan Ayton
Planner: Rosanagh Ker
Creatives: Sarah Fox, Jules Middleton, Rachel Miles
Director: Vanessa Engle
Designer: Marina Willer @ Pentagram