creative team

Yegna are an Ethiopian girlband who challenge the way people think about girls - and the way girls think of themselves.

Our idea for their music video 'Endeswa' was to have men celebrate and support the women of Ethiopia, from athlete Tirunesh Dibaba to the ladies that walk 7 hours every day to fetch water. The Yegna girls reveal their own heroes who become the heroes of the fans. Positivity creates more positivity as powerful confident women inspire the younger generations of girls and the respect and awe of young boys. This powerful concept disrupts and transforms the status quo of gender roles in Addis Ababa.

Having one of our childhood heroes embrace our challenging concept for 'Endeswa' made us really realise our job is amazing. We are very, incredibly, lucky and a million percent grateful for the powerful imagery Sophie Muller directed, and her trusty sidekick Robbie Ryan captured.

Agency: BMB
Creative Director: Jay Pond-Jones
Director: Sophie Muller
D.O.P: Robbie Ryan